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If you have ever been to Iceland[1] and tasted Skyr, you most likely wanted to purchase this product again upon returning home.

It was impossible( in the US) until 2007, when Whole Foods decided to begin importing products from Iceland, one of which was Skyr. I know that for the past 3 years when I travel back to the Boston[2] area, I have been able to purchase Skyr at Whole Foods stores there.

Just to be perfectly clear, when I speak of Skyr, I am talking of the product made in Iceland. There is another “skyr”, called “Siggi’s Icelandic[3] style skyr”, which is sold in Whole Foods, but it is just not the same. IMHO, real Skyr must come from Iceland, made somewhere near Selfoss[4].That is real Skyr.

I have been on a quest to get real Icelandic Skyr available in my location (Seattle) for years. At the beginning of this year, Skyr (the company in Iceland) issued a press release that they would be expanding to the entire US market thru Whole Foods.

While I don’t normally shop at Whole Foods, as they are not near where I live, I did make several trips to see if Skyr was on their shelves. Zip, nada, nothing. So I sent an e-mail to a while back, and this was the reply:

Dear Donald R,

Thank you for contacting us at

We started to ship our unique product,, to the Seattle area at the beginning of May. The second shipment went last Saturdaty.

So should by now be in the WFM stores in Seattle.

Best wishes,

Agnar Friðriksson

Útflutningsstjóri – Export manager

Today, I went to the Whole Foods store at the Interbay location in Seattle, and guess what was there…real Icelandic Skyr, the stuff from Iceland!

This is great. The girl at the checkout asked about it, as I showed up with 9 containers of real Skyr. She said it was a new item, but it was “flying” off the shelf. She wanted to know why.

Trying to describe Skyr is like trying to describe Iceland. So very hard to explain, but you know you want to go back again…or, in the case of Skyr, taste it again.

The price for your basic container of Skyr goes for $2.69, but right now this store offers it an an ‘introductory price” 0f $2.29.

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