New Transatlantic Budget Airline Says They’ll Charge For Soap, Offer Flights To People With Covid-19 – View from the Wing

Mom Air has sent out a press release, and promises a press conference November 11, announcing the launch of their new budget airline offering transatlantic flights out of Iceland. Bookings are supposed to open November 9 for travel March 1, 2021 onward.

In nearly every respect, including the logo, this appears to be a copy of Wow Air which failed even during better times for the airline industry – except they promise two free seats on every flight (you’ll be able to go to their website and search for available free travel), they’re putting gender equality at the forefront, and they plan segregated flights for those who have Covid-19 (or have been exposed and are quarantining) and those who do not.

Mom Air will take the low cost carrier unbundled concept to new extremes, charging not just for checked and carry on bags, seat selection, inflight internet and access to power for your personal devices but they even plan to charge for:

  • Mommyfood (their inflight snacks)
  • Toilet paper
  • Soap

MOM air is a super-low-cost airline headquartered in Iceland that will transport passengers to and from the country. Our main destinations are in mainland Europe and the USA.

Mom is economical in finance and business. All in-flight services will be optional. Whether it’s mommy food, reading material on board, charging for electronics, internet, luggage space, toilet paper, hand soap, choice of seats and much more. In this way, we will break new ground in Icelandic aviation history with low prices and services.

You always know what you’re up to with Mom.

Here’s their route network. From Reykjavik they will fly to London, Paris, New York, Washington DC, Boston, Toronto, Berlin, Rome, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Dublin and Glasgow.

So many people now have Covid-19 with outbreaks on both sides of the Atlantic that they will offer flights exclusively for:

People who are quarantined, infected, exposed to infection, or have antibodies after infection may travel together. The aircraft are specially marked and the flight crews of these aircraft will only be individuals with a positive antibody test.

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