New Airline Or Elaborate Hoax? Iceland’s MOM Air Startup

In what seems like a very-poorly-timed April Fool’s joke, Icelandic budget carrier WOW Air could be back as MOM Air – for real… well… maybe. We’ve talked about WOW Air’s comeback in several articles now, and it’s ‘2.0’ version might just be the same name… but flipped? Let’s turn the story upside down and take a look.

Except for the aircraft silhouette in the middle remaining ‘upright,’ the MOM Air logo is an exact reflection of WOW Air’s logo. Photo: MOM Air

What is MOM Air all about?

While the airline’s press release makes zero mention of its predecessor, MOM Air’s business model sounds identical to WOW Air.[1] For those unfamiliar with WOW[2], the purple Icelandic budget carrier connected Europe and North America via its hub at Keflavik Airport in Iceland for ultra-low and ultra-basic fares. Here’s what the new airline has to say about itself:

“MOM air is super-low cost airline based from Iceland and will carry passengers to and from Europe and the USA. Our main destinations are located in Europe and the States.”

According to MOM, long term financial security for the newly launched airline has been secured in cooperation with foreign and Icelandic investors.

The carrier aims to connect the United States with major European cities with extremely low fares. Photo: MOM Air

An extremely basic airfare

For anyone familiar with flying ultra-low-cost airlines, it’s understood that everything except the actual flight (and perhaps having a small bag under the seat in front of you) could end up being an extra charge. This definitely seems to be the case for MOM Air.

The airline’s press says that all services onboard will be optional, listing the following as examples:

  • “Mommyfood” (Whatever that is?)
  • Reading materials,
  • Charging for electrical devices
  • Internet
  • Luggage space
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand soap
  • Selection of seats “and more.”

Some of the items, like food, seat selection, and luggage space, are nothing new for budget airlines – but toilet paper and hand soap?! We don’t often use exclamation marks and question marks together, but in this case, it seemed fitting. If this information is correct, it will take budget-air-travel[3] to a whole new level – and something sure to cause conflict with travelers who failed to do their homework before boarding the flight.

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